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Vauxhall Vectra Query


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This is a shot in the dark and not a sob story but a genuine request for information. Unfortunately my cousin passed away recently and I have been asked to sell his car. It is a 53plate Black Vectra GSI, 3.2L, V6 with approx. 100,000mls on the clock. The car was an ex demonstrator so apart from the garage he was the only owner. It has an MOT until March 2022 and is in good condition for it's age and has many extras. At present it is on a SORN. His wife does not want it to go to someone who will do a little bit of work and sell it for a profit. She would rather it went to someone who would appreciate it and maybe take it back to close to original, hence this post. Not sure if I'm allowed to leave mobile but it's 07889120729 and I live in Washington, Tyne & Wear

Colin S

IMG_0683 2.HEIC IMG_0683.HEIC IMG_0684.HEIC IMG_0685.HEIC

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Hi Colbren, 

Sorry to hear about your cousin. Condolences to you and the family from us all here on the forum.

The Vectra sounds very nice. If you can post a few pictures, it might help with the sale. I am sure there is someone on here who would be interested in keeping it, and enjoying its uniqueness, especially being an ex demo with all the toys added.

Regards Andy. 

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