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Help required πŸ™

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Not long bought a 2013 diesel insignia ecoflex (147000 miles)

When I lift my foot of the accelerator while movingΒ I hear what sounds like a scraping noise. This happens mostly in first and second gear. When I dip the clutch it goes and when moving and I put the car in neutral it goes, back in second its back. Don't notice it in third to six gear

Anyone else had this or have any idea what I am hearing


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It sounds very much like transmission bearings (internal) or a Dual Mass Flywheel or a clutch release bearing.

Either way,Β  it would necessitate removal of the transmission to diagnose and rectify

If it is still driveable and not getting any worse then it could go on for many more miles if you can put up with the noise πŸ™‚

If in doubt, then a visit to the garage is imminent by the sound of it

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Been to the garage and he thinks it is the gear box and not the clutch , car drives fine the noise however is annoying. The guy said he could not say for definite if it is the gear box until he removes it and I may aswell get a reconditioned one fitted. He also said he doesn't think it's the duel mass fly wheel and never mentioned transition πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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