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AC problem . . . Not the usual one

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I have Zafira ‘B’  1.7D Ecoflex on a 62 plate, coming up to 62,000 miles, been working and driving fine.

Then 2 weeks ago I turned on the AC and all I heard was a gurgling in the inside of the car and no chilling of the system.

Its not a blocked drain as we have had no rain for 2 weeks and it’s a gurgling sound from within the evaporator / pipes behind the dash, in short its internal of the sealed AC system.

In the engine bay the small / skinny AC pipe is slightly cold but the thick / larger diameter one is quite hot, after a while both pipes get hot.

I bought a home recharge kit with the gauge and put the gauge on the low pressure side as per the instructions, the system is full and does not need recharging, its full to the high end of the green full indicator on the recharge gauge. I did this check 3 times.

The clutch is engaging on the compressor, as it should do, when I get someone to operate the AC switch inside I can see the compressor clutch engage and disengage in tandem with switch being operated.

I have changed the relays by swopping them over with a spare working one I have.

I have bridged the relay in the fusebox and both fans work when energised but still the AC does not get cold even when left to run (both fans and the AC on).

I do not own a fault code reader but have done the brake / accelerator pedal fault code thing and no codes come up.

Any ideas anyone ?

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