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Problem with front lights.

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Hi gents,

I am on here seeking some advice if you can. I have a Vauxhall Insignia hatchback, 2.0 diesel 160Bhp, 2011, Elite. I have the headlights with the DRL (Daylight Running Lights) and the cornering lights inside the same headlamp. I also have the Bi Xenon set up in the headlamp unit.

A month ago I noticed the lenses were both effected by condensation inside the lenses. I researched YouTube and decided to have a go at removing the condensation. New lights are £1300 each plus £300 each for a ballast. Thats £3200 plus fitting!! The car is worth £2500. I love this car and have had it for over 9 years and dont want to get rid of it. The lights were working fine before I fiddled with them!

I took both light units out, removed bulbs and blasted my hairdryer in them and cleared the condensation. Resealed the edges with clear mastic. Checked both ballasts and one was full of water and had green corroded pins. I bought two new ballasts that had the same serial numbers from Ebay, and paid £50 for the two. Apart from the ballasts being a newer revised model all the other info on the back was the same as the old ballasts. I contacted Hella who make the ballasts and they said a revision number wouldnt make a difference as long as the serial or part number was the same. I am assuming the ballasts are working but that is an assumption.

Put everything back together. This is when the problems started. I will list what does and doesnt work.

1. Right headlamp works fine for everything.

2. Nearside dipped beam doesnt work

3. Nearside main beam doesnt work.

4. Nearside cornering lights work

5. Nearside Daylight Running Lights work.

6. When i turn all lights off and pull the flash. I get a mini second of full beam on the drivers side, nothing on the nearside and then both sides are off. If i turn the lights onto constant (not auto) then do a flash, the drivers side main beam activates fine. Release the stick and light goes back to dipped beam. Turn on main beam and drivers side works fine. It feels like not enough electricity is getting into the bulbs to hold the flash.

I changed all bulbs and no difference. Checked all fuses and everything seems fine. I am assuming I am getting electricity to the nearside as the DRL and cornering light works.

Unfortunately i threw the old ballasts away too early so cant put them back on to test if this makes the lights work.

This is my problem, any thoughts at all on the matter....apart from dont fiddle if it works fine.

I would like to replace the lights with new lights and lovely fresh lenses but not at nearly £3000. Has anyone swapped the elite lights for standard xenon lights. Could I do this or would I have to put in a different loom etc. Thats a bit above my car maintenance skills to be honest. Is there a simple fix that I am missing.

If you can help that would be great. I popped into two garages and they had a look and couldnt fix it but neither had a really good try. They swapped bulbs and a few basic things. The warning I have on the computer is "check nearside and offside dipped beam".

Many regards  


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I recently encountered a similar issue with a Honda and this came down to the fact that I fitted cheap (Chinese) bulbs and igniters....massive mistake.
Fitted quality (but a lot more expensive) components and problem solved.

Also, another issue I had was that the fitment was not as precise connection as the better quality component and didn't alway make good contact.
It is worth double checking connection, etc but also check any earth leads (which will be close by and connected to the bodywork.
If in doubt, run additional earth cables to the light units to ensure that the current circulates effectively.

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