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Hi all..

Tried everything so hoping maybe someone has an idea.... My insignia limited edition 2.0 diesel has started burning oil through the exhaust, changed the turbo buy it's still doing the same thing. Gets to temp really quick. Heard every possible problem but does anyone actually have an educated idea... It's a 15 plate done 53000 miles with FSH so how can it be that bad.....please someone helpĀ 

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Hi David.....welcome to the Forum

I would definitely recommend taking the car to a good independent garage who can diagnose the engine accurately by measuring the compression of the cylinders and also carrying out a leakdown test to determine the health of the engine.
It may also be coolant (white smoke) or even excess fuel (injectors) so not good to guess without diagnosing it first as this could be an expensive time when it doesn't necessarily need to be so.

Let us know how you get on with it

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