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2005 Astra SRi 1.9cdti throttle fault

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Hey all. 

I've been having some issues with the throttle of my Astra 1.9 SRi. It's a 2005 model with the turbo diesel. I have a few different ideas of what the issue might be but I want some input from you folks too. 

Basically, you can start the car up in neutral, tap the throttle and nothing happens, car doesn't rev. But if left idle the revs slowly climb on their own. The car is applying the accelerator itself. (This is replicated while driving and especially dangerous when the turbo catches on to the power). 

The car throws up no faults on OBD2 and flashes no lights on the dash. This makes me think it's a mechanical fault, possibly a sticky valve in the throttle body, though I may be wrong. 


Any suggestions? 



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Hi Dylan.....welcome to the Forum

That is a very odd fault and not one I have encountered before.
Due to the dangerous element to this fault I would be tempted to take it into a local independent garage for them to diagnose it.
Could also be an injector fault but worth getting it diagnosed to make sure it doesn't become a 'run away diesel' engine.

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