Please help! Issue after issue with a cutting out van!

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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have brought a mk4 astra van 1.7cdti sportive.

It had a cut out issue. I can drive it for a while then it will cut out and start back up after 10/15 seconds, but will only rev to 3 1/2 

I’ve changed throttle body, housing, Egr and pipe to the engine as it was coming up egr and maf fault. While doing this a blank plate (coke can) dropped out of the egr pipe. After this the van was fine for about 2 miles then back to same issue.

Someone mentioned crankshaft sensor so today I have changed that. Again 2miles down the road it cut out and again it started back up. I gave it some power to see how it would react and it blew the front rubber pipe of the throttle body! However I can still use full throttle and it’s not flagging up on the dash or on a scan! 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi....welcome to the Forum

It does sound like a Crank sensor issue.
There could also be a cam sensor but a scan should give you fault codes.
If a code is present for a cam sensor then the cambelt might be slack causing the code to flag up.

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