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Awful screeching noise when up to temp

Bill Hill

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Hi, I've a 2010 Insignia sport touring 170 with 130k on the clock. Recently its been making a terrible noise after about 15-20 minutes of running- so when everything is up to temp. I can't pin down even if it's front/back as the sound is so loud. To describe it- very high-pitched metallic sound, like metal on metal. It goes away when stopped and when braking. It definitely sounds like its at a corner rather than engine-bay (not belt(s)/gearbox/wheel bearing). I've had a mechanic replace sticking calipers, pads, missing guides/slides for pads, swapped out a disk from another insignia but the noise is still there. Also- put the front up in the air and ran it in gear while applying brake on/off. Front eventually stopped turning freely, couldn't turn by hand. Replaced flexi hose and wheel turning free again when hot but noise is STILL there. Anyone got other suggestions? Other than new mechanic... i'm already looking for another! Cheers

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Hi Bill.....welcome to the Forum

If it is coming from a rotating wheel then it has to be either pads or discs rubbing.
Alternatively, a driveshaft/wheel bearing issue but if it was me I would simulate the problem by clamping off the brake hoses (individually) and running the car with the pads separated slightly away from the disc and listen for noise when applying the brake (when moving very slowly)

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