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Water leak in spare wheel compartment in corsa E


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So I have a corsa E 2015 plate limited edition which I brought back in June. Today I found out that I have water getting in to the spare wheel compartment but there’s no obvious signs of where the water is getting in. Has anyone else had this before? If so how did you fix it and is it covered by Vauxhall’s warranty 


Any advice would be great! Thank you in advance 😊

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Hi Krissy.....welcome to the Forum

It may possibly be coming through the rear light unit as there is a gasket between the light assembly and the body which hardens up over time and becomes less effective at holding out the water (especially if it is channeled from the tailgate down to the bumper).

Worth removing the light units and applying some silicon if you find thats where its coming through.

The easiest way to find where the water is getting in is to use a smoke generator in the car and see where it comes out of.
A good independent garage should have one to use on the car and only takes a few minutes to carry out the task.

Also, as routerspouter has mentioned, it could be something as simple as a rubber bung that it missing.

Let us know how you get on with it

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Hi! Thank you for replying to me 

So my carpet is bone dry and the sides of the wheel compartment are dry also. As you can see below I have leafs in there as well but there’s no obvious spot to where it’s coming from. 
I’m just hoping Vauxhall will look at it under warranty 😬



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Hi, it's a bit hard to tell from the bottom picture but is the area at the bottom of the picture solid or is there an opening into the body work. With there being leaves in there and quite a lot of water I would guess somehow it is getting in through the wheel arches. I would have a look to make sure that the shields are properly fixed in place and are not loose around the edges.

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On 10/29/2021 at 5:19 PM, Leeatgolf81 said:

Hi there,

I have the exact same issue. 2015 corsa e. Limited edition. 3 door. No other traces of damp or wetness but 1.5 inches of water in the spare wheel compartment.

What did it end up being please?

Did you ever get the answer/issue resolved?

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