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Please help! I’ve got a insignia 65 plate automatic. Recently I’ve had an issue with the key getting stuck in the ignition. I put it into park, put the electric hand break up and switch the engine off. However intermittently the key has started to get stuck? Any idea why this could be? Thought it see if there’s any simple fixes before I take it to a garage. Thanks! 

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It sounds like it is not reading either the handbrake or park sensor switches so therefore is not releasing the key.

Maybe worth trying to cycle it from park to drive and back again.
Also, keep your foot on the brake pedal as well.

Here is some more info I have found for this fault:


I had to have the complete gear leaver mechanism changed in the car. The solenoid which operates when you put the leaver in park and have your foot on the brake is at fault but cannot be bought on its own. There is a superseded part number, so there must be a problem with the mechanism.


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