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Hi All, Newbie needs Help!

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Hi all

New to here and hoping for some help with an issue with my Insignia

I have been getting fault code P0402 intermittently for a while now. I have a bluetooth OBD reader so can cancel the code. 

I have replaced the EGR valve and also had the intake manifold taken off and all cleaned out

The code is still coming up and i have been told now it can only be the EGR temp sensor

Can anyone tell me where this is located as i would rather change it myself than pay someone to do it as it is only a screw in sensor?

Also if anyone might know is it worth cleaning it or replacing straight away

Thanks in advance all

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Hi welcome to the club 🙂 generic egr valve/sencor/dpf related...


My saab 93 use to pop this code up a lot.. Did egr clean plus cleaned any sencers and did about 5 forced dpf regens over a month,, i sold yhe car on after that so unsure if it was cured.... 


You might get a better read out using opcom vauxcom etc as it communicates properly with the canbus

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