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  1. Poor astra treat tona lovely turbo back 3" milltek and it spits out the turbo have no fear hybrid turbo on route woop woop Wont see it till next month though as the company cant get all the parts straight away due to the current world situation
  2. I know right it would of been worth a few quid now for sure.. My first was a black mk1 fiesta 1300 supersport Still starts and drives (miss daisy driving and it wont cook at all) soon as i forgot this and drive normal she gets hot pretty quickly... The pump squeals on start up too which sounds bloody awful at 4.30am when i d leave for work The pump isnt part of the belt on the y30dt and z30dt so thats handy and i can n get a pump for 100 quid. However she is due belts and pullys anyway so the price of parts is stacking up quickly too. The work i can do but im concerned that as i had to use it when the astra and my vectra had time off ive probably borked the heads its off road and in no rush to make any hasty decisions on rhe siggy yet as id love to keep it Got hooked on the astra turbo init so like a knob ive let it slip on other projects at the mo
  3. When i find the print out for my astra h ill post it. That seems to have more toe on one side at the rear but only since the shock and spring got changed. Im guessing the vxr i got the konis off had been pranged as the rear sat sweet as when itbwas checked just weeks before the shocks went on.. Honestly tony and his lads are bloody good at what they doo Im glad ive been to the centre for set ups too because im quite in to alignment/geometry side of things and learnt enough to confidentiality set mine up when i have acces to a local machine
  4. They dont really get any kind of training to use the likes of hunter machines etc. Ive always been one for handling and the newer cars have taught aot as has tony @wim. He is one of the industries finist from road to race drifting to sprinting he gwt you going in the right direction hr is a legend with the mx5.. Curred the is 200 fro t tyre wear issue with his revised set up. He has an up to date Centre. Actually has all yhe gear and the right idea as to what to do with it too .. People drive from other countries to get geometry set ups done (no bs) * His forum is very informative a d always offers the best possible advice and solutions. He has a bloody good team behind him too... I happily take a day off work and do a 250 mile round trip to have my cars set up by tony.. If i can't get there i get use of a hunter somewhere somehow and tony will help me if need be via text fone etc im so amal about alingment these days
  5. My siggy is dead atm water pump is siezed.. That itself is cheap but belts are due and so areall the pullys so its become a bit pricey yo fix atm
  6. My first bmw was an e21 323 alpina rep.. Loved it.. Paid £70 for it off some smackhead in 1995 Probably worth about 10k now
  7. If you want professional advice head to www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum and post this there for tony to see. He is a chassis god and has a centre in Chesham near hemal Hempstead..
  8. Have a look at the front lower arms and rear link arms. There is a rod that goes to a sencor on each. On my signum the passenger side likes to pop off and then either leaves the light sat on the floor or sky high after they set the selves when you turn them on.. You can ajust the lights like normal lights but remember to alter back once you find the issue.. Opcom tech2 or global tis software should find your issue
  9. Hi rob welcome to the voc forum bound to be one or two owners on here. Thought about a meriva as a little work van
  10. Cheers going to do a cheeky bodge and raise the rear bracket on a couole of washers for now.
  11. I think the vibrations are coming from the rear mount beacket possibly fouling the steering rack as it sits over it on to its mount,havnt managed to get my head up in there to see properly yet (Saturday job)
  12. Been on the hunt for an old pug but boy are they expensive!! Might have to buy a wreak and b204 it
  13. Hey welcome to the club mate look forward to seeing some pics of your car
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