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  1. siggyv6cdti

    Word association anyone???

  2. My question is what do i need for the f23 gearbox conversion from the mk4 z20let? Also does anyone know which actual m33 box from the 1.7 cdti also fits in the ler please?
  3. siggyv6cdti

    advice where to sell my car

    Hi i am interested in yphr cavalier
  4. siggyv6cdti

    New member

    These as do the vectra and astra cdti 1.9 and 2.0 suffer bad with injector looms failing.. Ive had loads and nearly all have suffered this..
  5. siggyv6cdti

    Astra G fuel economy.

    Haha ive moved it on and bought another vec c 1.9 cdti sri.. 08 reg in beige for 370 notes
  6. siggyv6cdti

    fog light

    Have you googled it? Bound to be a YouTube video ot instructions somewhere? Thats like vauxhall wanting 400 quid to replace headlights that are being supplied forva vectra c.. I did the job in less than an hour for 40 quid
  7. siggyv6cdti

    OMEGA 2002

    Sounds like they justvwant your money.. Could be any thing frim a leaky pipe or heater matrix or radiator etc.. Could be leaking from tbe water pump.. It might be letting coolent into the bores on acceleration due to a weak head gasket.. Get a compression test done first and adk for the readings as a print out and post them here please
  8. siggyv6cdti

    What signum do you drive??

    Its a shame to loose vauxhall as we know it.. Ive had many vauxhall cars too and had a whole lot of fun in them too..
  9. siggyv6cdti

    What signum do you drive??

    Im an avid oldskool Peugeot fan! Had many 205 309 and 405s gti'sri's xsi's mi-16s i love em.. Had a few 306's to all got abused all got tuned and played with as much as my pocket and skills took me 🙂 but come 2000 their cars were very disappointing imo. And as Peugeot stand now i quite like the 308s but thata about it for me
  10. siggyv6cdti

    Hi All, Newbie needs Help!

    Hi welcome to the club 🙂 generic egr valve/sencor/dpf related... My saab 93 use to pop this code up a lot.. Did egr clean plus cleaned any sencers and did about 5 forced dpf regens over a month,, i sold yhe car on after that so unsure if it was cured.... You might get a better read out using opcom vauxcom etc as it communicates properly with the canbus
  11. siggyv6cdti

    Astra G fuel economy.

    That is good that.. I took a mate from margate to Winchelsea and back tuesday, i lut in £30 in @131.9p per litre (shell standard diesel) done aprox 165 miles in total... Not sure what tnat works out at but its not great.. Drove down 2s up and the rest of the car was empty The trip back i had front and rear seats from a vectra b sri in Thw back.. Nothing else but me my and my mate in the car... Wjat ever os going on has got worse because my last contract was chigwell which was approx 165 to 170 miles round trip depending on traffic etc on the m25 and m2.. I put £25quid in wach day foe that trip!... I knkw chigwell is all motorway and Winchelsea is a and b roads but that fact matey up top has done ll that milage woth the same engine (i knkw thw car itself is diffren) but ive got a difference of over 100 miles 😞 however the difference between the all motorway journy and the a and b roads trip is boht right.. I always expected less mpg on a motor but after id owned a few diffrent cars over my first 2 years drive ot was thw otber way roand 🤔 im hoping it dies soon or just falls apart ecause im allowed a new work car then 😂
  12. siggyv6cdti

    Power steering return pipe needed

    Goigke vauxpartuk ltd in gravesend ke t as thats where my one is too.. Adam migjt kuts be able yo help you out... He offers postal service too
  13. siggyv6cdti

    What signum do you drive??

    Its not offen i was the tank as i always miss bits 😂bjt last weekend it got wash number2 of 2019 and i actually got all the dirt off it and dispite the scratcjes on it it came up a treat
  14. siggyv6cdti

    What signum do you drive??

  15. siggyv6cdti

    What signum do you drive??

    Had a few Siggys now along with many vectra c too. Looks wise the only thing that lets these cars down is the dash board, someone wasnt very creative when designing it! The vectra c dash is about as interesting to look at as is the mk4 astra, dont hate me! Ive had a few of them to they just aint that pretty unless in full gsi form. I want a vxr estate or anoyhet sri cdti 150 and make it a CdtTi apposed to a ttid 🙂