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  1. Hi All, especially Westcliff67 with the roof problem. I'd sent off my ECU to be tested, assuming that was the problem as I'd sourced a new boot lock solenoid of the right model (very hard to come by). Having changed that, it made no difference, so I thought it must be the ECU. That came back, tested, no faults (a reasonable charge for testing). Having used my OPCOM tester again, it still showed the same fault code B1010-0 Invalid State. I wondered where to go from there, but, the ECU tester had sent me a roof reset procedure, which I hadn't seen anywhere else. Apparently, the ECU might not recognise the current position of your roof because it failed in a different position. I imagine, you could have the same problem changing the ECU as the roof from the car it was taken from, could have been in a different position. Manually wind the roof and fold it back into the open position and let the lid cover drop. (I couldn't get my roof lid to lock down completely, even after trying a couple of times, so decided to continue). Use the OPCOM device to erase the code. This I had done before, but all with the roof in the closed position. Now the code erased and didn't return. The roof worked! I was so surprised not to hear the beeping. I tried the roof a few times and it's fine. I need to top up the hydraulic oil a bit. The instructions go on to say that 'If the fault code does not erase after this procedure has been followed, then all of the position switches and the release lever switches will need to be tested for correct function, as this will indicate one of the switches is in an incorrect open or closed position'. Now, the car works as it should. It could do with a respray to freshen it up, but I think that will cost too much. I'm thinking of getting it wrapped, but all of the companies that I have contacted, have not replied. I can only think the model is too old to be on their vinyl computer.
  2. Hi Westcliff, We're ex of Southend. How did you get on with your roof problem? Was it sorted, or still ongoing? I have the same problem with mine. I had to replace a split hydraulic hose and refill the reservoir after the roof failed. The boot lock had stopped opening on the central locking earlier than the roof packed up. It was temperamental, only opening from time to time. I understand it might be related to the roof problem and linked to the roof ECU. Another thing I read last night was about disconnecting the battery for a 24 hour period to let the roof ECU power down completely. I'm about to try that. Paul
  3. Evening All, Paul here. I'm sure someone will be able to help with problems I get from time to time. Thanks in advance.
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