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    Astra Bertone Convertible 2001
  1. Westcliff67

    Bertone Windows Dropped

    Hi I adjusted the front 'mushroom' downwards in relation to the bottom of the door. What that one seems to do is to drop the window further when opening the door. Adjusting it upwards doesn't help and I'm afraid to adjust it too much in case it comes out of its' hole. Unfortunately I have not been able to adjust the rear 'mushroom' yet as I need to remove the door card to gain access to it and see what happens to it, - summer holidays means that I'm out and about most weekends. The adjustment still has not affected the window closing height. I'm thinking more and more that the window mechanism needs to be replaced. I will update you once I've tried the other 'mushroom' Cliff
  2. Westcliff67

    Bertone Windows Dropped

    Hello I've had the door card off, quite simple even thought the AutoGlass guy said it was a nightmare to remove, 6 screws and a few pop stud things. The mechanism seems to be in the right location doesn't look like its slipped. There are these threaded 'mushrooms' that fit into holes in the door bottom. They are on the window bottom metal. I think they may be stops but one is rusted in place the other is very loose. I will try to adjust them and see what happens many thanks for your help, it is much appreciated Cliff
  3. Westcliff67

    Bertone Windows Dropped

    Hi Thank you for the welcome The window drops as it is supposed to do with the door opening and rises when closed it just doesn't go up the last bit. The drivers door is fine, it works as I expect it to. Cliff
  4. Westcliff67

    Bertone Windows Dropped

    Hello Everyone Sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything about this subject. I have a 2001 Astra Bertone convertible, I have a problem that my passenger door window has dropped about 1inch and will not go all the way up. Initially I thought the mechanism had come loose, so I stripped off the door panel and plastic for find the electric mechanism is ok and in place. There are 2 mushroom looking screw blots on the traverse bar that can go through holes in the bottom of the door. Do these adjust the windows? they look like they are some sort of stopping device to halt the rise of the windows, any one got any ideas? Many thanks in advance Cliff