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  1. I must admit that whilst my car runs just aswell with the newer E10 petrol, the fuel economy doesn't seem as good as the E5
  2. Hey Helen, A warm welcome to the family. Hope all is well Andy (Roadwolf)
  3. Hi there, I have a 2015 Zafira Tourer SRi Turbo 1.4. The display says remaining oil life 68%. What is the meaning of this? I check my oil and fluids every week religiously and oil is up to maximum and has barely moved in the 3 months I've owned the car. Is this to do with oil quality and if I change the oil does it automatically reset itself to 100% again or do I have to reset it somehow. I love my new car and find it absolutely brilliant. I just don't understand this oil life thing
  4. Hi I have a Silver 2015 Zafira Tourer SRi , had it a couple of months and absolutely love it. It has Black alloy wheels but I think I would prefer Silver. Can I just paint them myself or does it need to be done by experts? I have limited DIY knowledge and equipment
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