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  1. Flat spot during acceleration on my astra sri 2L turbo. Think the boost pipes are collapsing as there the standard ones and probably nowhere near as tough as when they were new. Does anyone have any silicone boost pipes for sale?Z20LER
  2. Hi all. New member here. Hope everyone is doing well. Just recently purchased a 2005 astra sri 2L turbo xp. I've been told that there aren't many of this model around? So any recommendations on certain things to keep on top of engine wise to keep her healthy are appreciated. Cheers Mike
  3. Hi all. New member. Just got myself a 2005 astra sri 2L turbo and I'm really liking it. But when giving it a good bit of acceleration I get a flat spot in higher revs. Been told boost pipes probably collapsing during heavy boost? Does anyone have any silicone boost pipes laying around for ££.



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