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  1. Vauxhall Combo 1.7di is it belt or chain please 55plate.
  2. Sumo

    External temp sensor

    Thanks just seen my neighbours car, can see where it is but mines missing.
  3. Any ideas where the external temp sensor is located please
  4. Sumo

    Air con

    Just had air con checked and refreshed but not coming out ice cold your fast from the vents any ideas please.
  5. Sumo


    I have a new map disc, how do I install the disc please.
  6. Sumo

    Limp mode

    It's cdti 2 litre engine
  7. Hello everyone thanks for letting me join 

  8. Sumo

    Limp mode

    No warning
  9. Sumo

    Limp mode

    Diesel 2l
  10. Sumo

    Limp mode

    Car goes into limp mode but no management light on