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  1. Hi Mick, I would imagine that it all depends on their supplier, and availability of stock. Also having the weekend the day after putting it in the garage could cause a delay on deliveries. Hope you don't have to wait too long to get your car back. Regards Andy.
  2. Might pay to check driveshaft joints too. Hope you can get it sorted. AndyR
  3. I think I'm going to have to have a play about , and see what I can come up with. So if it's completely blanked, it should be OK.
  4. Hi there , I just had a listen, and it sounds like something is either dragging on the road, or rubbing on another moving part. Have you checked to see if there is a cover or guard over belts and pulleys in the engine bay that might have come adrift.
  5. Looks like this, but without the horse shoe shaped hole.
  6. There is a hole that fits snug around the valve.
  7. Hi all. Ever since I bought this car, it has an EGR that is giving me problems. I have replaced it several times, tried blanking it, and even left it swinging in the breeze with a blanking plate covering where it is fitted to the engine. I get the system reset to clear the fault code, and the EML goes out. Here comes the big BUT.... After about 30-40 miles it comes back on again. Car runs fine, with no spluttering or sooty smoke. MOT tester said that emissions are fine, and he cleared out the stored fault codes which are all pointing at the EGR being faulty. What ideas does anyone have as to how I can cure this problem once and for all. The EML light and I are becoming best friends as its been on so long. I only notice it when it goes out. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  8. Hi Jimbo, I would say that you would be needing the code for the replacement radio, as codes are normally personalized to each unit. The replacement unit might have it written on it somewhere, if not it may require getting in touch with your local Vauxhall dealer to see if they can find it for you. Hope this is helpful. Andy.
  9. Hi Topgear Astra, and welcome. you have a car with a good bit of history with it, its a pity you haven't got all the signatures of the drivers. Or have you?
  10. Evening Ken, welcome to the forum. I would suggest that your best option would probably be to try a local main dealer, they would be able to bring up on their system the details for your Vectra. I do agree with your point about cars are now computers on wheels, at least way back when, cars were easily fixable on the side of the road. Bring back those days. AndyR
  11. Hi Eric, and welcome to the club. There is always plenty to talk about on here. From how to questions. To what is this, even cars and parts for sale. Regards Andy
  12. Yes springs can de dangerous things if they slip out of the compressors. I replaced the rear shocks and springs on my astra last year, luckily I could borrow some spring compressors off my brother-in-law. I always treat springs with respect. Yours will look sweet once done. I stayed standard.
  13. Lucky you found out about the broken springs now. Are they coilovers or separate on the insignia?.
  14. Hi Riches79, Welcome to the forum. Insignia looks good for its mileage. The black rims do set it off nicely, and my daughters thought it had been lowered with the black rims. They said that black wheels make the white stand out more. Hope you have many more wonderful miles in her
  15. Welcome to the club Chris. If there is anything you are unsure of, feel free to post your questions on here. There is always someone with some knowledge that could point you in the right direction. Hope its not too long before you are mobile again.
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