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  1. Steve

    My Car

    Welcome tot he club Alan.. hope your enjoying your Astra mate?
  2. Welcome to the Vauxhall Owners Club guys :)
  3. Welcome tot he Vauxhall Owners CLub.. we are still pretty new so keep your eye open for meets in the near future
  4. hi mate The LED's may not be able to be taken out unless an electrocnis guy can un solder them off the board.. without seeing it its hard to know what they will do. Can you not buy a used one?
  5. Hi Paul Welcome to the club I would say that it's more likely to be the Unit itself and probably a loose wire from the back or the actual connectioninside has snapped? Do you use it a lot?
  6. not sure this works mate worth a try http://www.radio-code.co.uk/vauxhall-radio-codes.html
  7. Welcome to the club mate... also based in Bournemouth :)
  8. Hi Mate I would drop in to the dealers and see what they say.
  9. We were sick of trawling the internet endlessly for good automotive stuff. Why can't it be all in one place, we asked? Well it can be! So we have decided to build our own marketplace with all things automotive. This is just the beginning. Future plans are to create an entire marketplace, featuring everything car related. Welcoming sellers from our own community, as well as sourcing the best products for our members. We aim to get the best products and deals available...all in one place. Your comments and feedback on the products will form a valuable source of insight to other members, and as ever, your feedback is most welcome. Please check out the shop, we are still beta testing it but everything should work as it should. http://www.vauxhallownersclub.com/shop
  10. hi I think this is a sensor for your automatic headlights. If you have Auto Hedlights then when it gets dark this tells the Auto lights to turn on.
  11. Hey Katy, welcome to the club.. hope your enjoying Maisy :)
  12. nice car Chris.. good luck with the sale mate
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