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Coolant leak after matrix renewal!

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Having recently replaced heater matrix I'm now getting coolant from the drip tray under the heater matrix,which drains under the car beside gear shift on drivers side.

 Notably only when the blower motor is running and heat control turned on.

Timing belt and waterpump have been replaced and leak from underside of car noted thereafter!

I assumed it was heater matrix and duly replaced same but now,when the blower motor runs,with heat on I'm still getting coolant from the drip tray under the matrix!

When blower motor is turned off,with heat on the leak stops.

I'm baffled! And wondering is the heater control valve in the same vicinity as heater matrix.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue please?

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Update to leak,it's not coolant it's definitely water,when blower is turned on to screen and heat,or no heat there is steady drip under car but when blower turned off,no drip!

 I'm thinking it's something to do with condenser from ac?

 Still trying to figure it out,any input would be helpfull!

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