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Insignia Headlight Replacement

Martin Feeney

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Can anyone advise on the following problem I have. The LED driving lights have gone on the N/S headlight and I am told this requires a complete new headlight unit. Currently Vauxhall, Hella or anyone else I have tried have one in stock and Hella inform me it will be Feb 2024 before these are manufactured again. Problem is my MOT is about to run out and will fail with the faulty LED running light.

I have tried dozens of car dismantlers with no luck. I have found second hand lamps in Germany but the part numbers are different and I don't want to chance paying £700 for the wrong lamp.

The Vauxhall part number is 13432958 and Hella number is 1ZT011166-731. The German part numbers are 1ZT011166-721 and GM part number 13426663. Does anyone know if these parts are interchangeable as my car is RHD and the German are LHD. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Your LED Headlights are only road legal because they are Manufacturer fitted and are sealed units and when any of the lights go then the whole unit has to be replaced. I don't know for sure if the DRL is an MOT failure.

RHD and LHD are not inter changeable because the lens are set up to direct the light in a different direction because the need to light up the side of the road they are driving on.   

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On 11/27/2023 at 6:15 PM, Martin Feeney said:

Hella inform me it will be Feb 2024 before these are manufactured again...

I have the same problem with my running light, but as you say it does not impact on the MOT.  The replacement is eye watering money.  I was wondering if my 2016 insignia which is intended to run with these GM13426666 headlamps would work as well on the earlier facelift lamps GM13409908.  It would be massively cheaper for me to buy both of these earlier lamps than to replace just one of the new ones.  Can I plug and play the earlier version facelift lights or is this a non starter?


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I don't have an Insignia so I honestly don't know if earlier facelift lights would be plug and play. May be worth a try on the Facebook Forum also should be able to source cheaper second hand replacements.

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