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Traction control light on with flashing eml

red astra

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 Hi there, 

Another problem came up. 

Noticed slight misfire when started car, drove 1/4mile and traction control light came on with the eml light flashing. Read that could be coil or plugs at fault. Opted for cheapest 1st which was the plugs. Drove about 5ml to get plugs and eml stayed on (not flashing). Got home and replaced plugs but fault still there. Still misfiring on idle and both lights on. 

I have ordered coil pack. Now, where do I look if it doesnt solve problem. Secondly if it does cure misfire will the lights automatically go out? If not can I reset ecu without scanner tool. (heard if you disconnect battery it can reset ecu) 

Don't want to take to stealer as they quoted £70 just to find the fault. 

If a obd11 tester is required does anyone know of a cheap one that will do the job.

Been looking on Internet and they vary in price from cheap to really expensive. Would want one that will do this job so basic one would do. 

Thanks for any help you could give. 

BTW It's a vx p10 1.6 hatch 2013 A16-xer

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The EML and Traction Control lights go out when the fault is corrected, but the actual Fault Codes usually still stored. You can check this by using the "Pedal Method" that I have put a "How To Do" about in the Vauxhall Knowledge section.

Disconnecting the battery overnight can sometimes clear the Fault Codes. If I had lived near you I would have come and cleared the Faults for a cuppa and a snowball.    

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