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Insignia Rear Axle / 4WD Message

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Hi Folks,

I am the recent proud new owner of a 2014 4WD country tourer. The car has covered 42K and has a full vauxhall service history.

Within the 1st week of ownership my wife took the car out for a drive at night and thinks she reversed over a large(ish) stone when making a 3 point turn. That night, messages appeared on the dash stating the Rear Axle & 4WD system needed a service. I don't know if this is a coincidence or a possibility that some damage has been done underneath the car.

I guess I have two questions.

1) Does anyone know what servicing should be done on the 4wd system and at what intervals? I read through the service book but couldn't see any specific mention of the 4wd system in the service checklist that vauxhall produced/have been carrying out.

2) I appreciate it is hard to answer this question, but does anyone have any idea what parts underneath the car for the 4wd system may have been damaged (if any) when reversing over the stone?!

I am praying for a not to costly outcome :-(

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this!


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