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Saying goodbye to my Insignia Elite

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Sad time for me just now as I'm about to say goodbye to my Insignia Elite. I've had it since 2012 and what a motor its been. Never had any major problems in all those years, just a few minor ones, which I've managed to fix myself and which you'd expect with a car on 120,000 miles.

I had earmarked it to give to my son when I finally upgraded but he's just bought himself another so I've reluctantly had to look at trading it in against a new car.

I'm sure the garage will offer me a pittance and leave me grieving for what's been and still remains a cracking car.


Long live the Elite

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I agree, great cars and super comfortable. I have a car with the same milage and apart from things that I have fixed myself its been a great car. A few blind spots on the car design when reversing and looking over your shoulders. Everyone who was a passenger said how comfortable the journey was. Its also got a massive boot and with the seats down I have moved so much stuff. I had mine remapped to 190 Bhp and it made the car a real pleasure to drive. Its not sporty, its a comfortable tourer and a very practical family car. You will miss it I am sure 🙂

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