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Condensation in head lights

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I had the same problem. Getting rid of the moisture isnt hard, have a scan on youtube and they show you how to do it. I took the light unit out of the car. This is not as scary as you may think and you can do it. I have done it ten times now and can do it with my eyes closed. Get light out, take out bulbs. Plug the light bulb holes with cloth. leave the cornering light hole open and blast air down the hole with the hairdryer. The moisture will disappear. Then get some clear mastic and reseal the clear lense to the plastic to stop moisture getting back in. Whilst you have lights off unscrew the silver ballast box thats on the light. Give it a shake as it may contain water that has seeped in, consider changing if you want. Put it all back together.

Now I did all that and afterwards had a big problem with one of my dipped and main beam. But that probably has something to do with the new ballast I put on (to be confirmed). Depending on what type of light you have and the cost, a new set of freshly bought lights do look really good, just a thought.



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