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  1. I have financed my corsa se from new as of oct 2020, upon purchasing it had its first years service completed. the car is now 2.5 years old and driven 3,500 miles. 3 weeks ago the service spanner came on the dash so I proceed to book a service at a local garage. After completing the service the mechanic had run the diagnostics and told me I had an engine fault, what looked to be camshaft sensor issues. leading up to the service the car had one or two issues starting that week, then on the day of the service it was struggling to turn on at all. After struggling I immediately took it from its service directly to Vauxhall to look at on the advice of the service garage. The service picked up no other issues with the car just this engine fault which they came past by chance. I have been told my warranty is most likely void based on it missing its second year service. Between 2021-2022 the car had been recalled twice for two electrical safety issues, following which it had two health checks signed off at the Vauxhall garage. Since completion of these health checks I’ve never had the service light come on the dash, and only driven 3,000 miles, so I was under the impression based on the mileage and health checks the car had been adequately maintained considering it’s not even 3 years old and bought as new. It’s now had two services, two health checks and an oil change in 2.5 years. But Vauxhall are already arguing this isn’t the case and the warranty will be voided. Vauxhall haven’t looked at the car yet, might not for another few weeks, but I’ve already been told to expect to cover the cost upfront. speaking to the ombudsman I’ve been told they can’t void my warranty if this engine issue stems from something irrelevant to the car not having its second year service. If the camshaft issues has been caused somehow by the electrics I should complain to Vauxhall as both recalls have been electrical too so could be linked. But this is all well and good saying this but I’m unsure of the eventual outcome as I’ve been left completely in the dark so far. I also don’t want to be left with an inflated bill if Vauxhall decide to take advantage of me being in this impossible situation. I just need advice, what and where to go or say or what to expect. This is my first car and it’s proven to be unreliable with all the recalls and now this. Not sure what my rights are or how to go about dealing with this. I’ve been told generally any complaints to Vauxhall and the ombudsman could lead into this being resolved but I’ve got no clue how to go about this
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