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  1. Can any other Omega owners recommend ways to find spares that Vauxhall no longer stock? Right now I need a driver's door latch, but there are other parts that I need a little less urgently. I have tried eBay, of course: today there is only one door latch available, and it's from a LHD car; a month ago, there were four, but all LHD. Today I have also been trying breakers' yards - and not just in my area - but with no success. One breaker even told me that if an Omega came in, it would go straight to the crusher because there is little demand for parts. Maybe we should argue that there is some demand!
  2. The driver’s door lock on my 51-plate Omega saloon has gone wrong: the door will come open at random times as I drive. Vauxhall say the part is no longer available. Does anyone have advice on finding a replacement? On eBay, I have found four people selling a right-hand front lock. All four sellers are from European countries that drive on the right, and all of them have replied to my question, and have said the locks are from LHD cars. One seller specifically said that a right-side lock from an LHD car does not have a hole for the engagement of the manual key lock in the driver’s door of my RHD car. If I accept that the manual key lock will no longer work, I could try to fit one of these locks from an LHD car, but there may still be problems fitting it – does anyone know whether it would be possible to fit? These locks on eBay are from a variety of model years of the Omega B. They look the same, apart from some having a blue plastic shield added. Can anyone confirm that they’ll all be compatible?
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