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  1. Hi, I have a zafira, it has done over 300,000 km, and I am starting to see some issues with the car stalling as I pull to a stop. To give some background, I recently had the wheel bearings changed, and since then I have been seeing intermittent warning lights for the EPS and the ABS. However I am now also seeing that when I pull to a stop at a junction, the engine will die. I can manually shift to neutral, start the engine, rev it a bit, and manually shift to first and pull away. It does the same when reversing. I do not notice any issues once I am rolling, and it changes from first upwards and downwards with no noticeable issues. My service technician is going to read the car and see what the diagnostics says. He also suggested to change the gearbox oil (as far as I am aware, this is the first time that will have happened), but is really not sure if it will help. So, my questions are: Has anyone else had a similar problem, and what was the final result? What is the normal time between changing for the gearbox oil? What is the expected life of the clutch for this car? Is it likely that the warning lights and the stalling are related or not? Is there anything outside the gearbox that may be causing the gearbox to not change from first to neutral (sensors, wiring etc)? Many thanks, Colin.
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