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  1. Car now sorted for the non starting, but still not got any interior lights when opening the doors or switching on the lights in the roof. Any ideas where I should check?
  2. Thanks yes the bulb was removed again once it decided not to work. Battery has been re-charged to full power, All fuses re-checked but still showing Electro-hydraulic power assisted symbol on dashboard, fuel gauge not moving and the starter does not turn the engine over. Car was driven and engine was running before I started checking fuses etc for interior light problem. (I disconnected the battery before checking the fuses too) Could it be a relay problem? If so which one?
  3. I have had my Vectra for more than 2 years but just started using it in July 2021. I noticed that the my boot light did not come on. On checking the fitting I found no bulb, so fitted a bulb of the right size which lit briefly then went out. I also noticed that the interior lights were not working, (Must admit not sure if they ever worked as only started using it in the summer!) Left it a few weeks then noticed one night that when I turned on the lights the air conditioning and heater control panel cut out. This came to a head last night when I got in the car in the dark with wet clothes and was unable to heat or clear the screen whilst driving with the lights on. Not finding much info re fuses in my handbook for these circuits I decided to check all the fuses. Disconnected the negative battery terminal then removed, checked each fuse in the boot and the small fuses in the front fuse box next to the battery. then a general push of the large fuses. Reconnected the battery. Got back in the car switched on the ignition, radio and time etc reset ok, heater fans working etc but still cut out when I turned on the side lights and then headlights. However when I turned the ignition to start the car nothing turned over! I have one warning light for Electro-hydraulic power assisted steering light remaining on the instrument panel, other lights have gone off as normal. the fuel guage is also not registering, it was just on the red before I started playing! Not got much petrol but not even able to start the engine is fundamental and is worse than when I started! Anyone got any ideas where to start investigating the non starting? Do I need to reset something? Thanks in advance
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