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  1. Hello everyone, I’m new to the club and new to Vauxhall, although been a saab owner for years, so kinda the same.. I’ve bought my son a 2019 corsa Sri, only 14k miles , not even run in… loads of bells and whistles on this model, but potentially more issues.. which brings me to my main reason for joining the group… I’m look for some advice please…? my son has fitted a dash cam, not hard wired but he thought to remove both battery terminals while hiding some of the cabling under panels inside the car. Now since he has reconnected the battery, the vehicle will not start.. the dash lights up.The battery has 12.7 volts in it, but there are a number of DTCs relating to engine ECU , I’m wondering if he could have bricked or toasted the ECU , I have check all connections to the ECU and all ground points I can see. Could I have overlooked anything. VX dealer no help at least 3weeks to get car diagnosed.. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.
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