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  1. hi there i have the same year car and the same engine too i have an issue with my brake warning light i also have the audible alarm too i plugged in opcom faulty brake switch same code changed out the switch with no change assumed it was handbrake related and wrong again still no change audio and light went under bonnet disconnected the switch to the reservoir (where you top up) took for a drive no alarm or warning light so i need a new reservoir/master cylinder also have you looked under the car? i had a vibration/tinking noise i traced this down to 2 rotted out screws on the heat shield to the exhaust i fixed mine by undoing bolts and adding a couple of large washers to cover the rotted holes then tightening back up i know thats a long shot but worth a look my car is the same age and has just 73k on the clock so its pretty much similar
  2. Hey All Let me give my apologies on this post being a bit long winded, but i'm trying to give has much info has possible with the hope between us we can get a solution. So the engine is a Z16XE1 in a 09 Zafira and i'm getting both on the pedal and OP-COM the error P1112-61 Port Deactivation Solenoid Valve Actuation Error. I checked the measuring blocks and i have 0.00-0.01 volts which needs to be i think around 3-5 volts if i'm right. I searched on here and found this thread [Zafira B] [05---] - P1112-61 Port Deactivation Solenoid... It's EXACTLY the same has what i got including the EGR Valve being inactive despite replacing it with a new unit i also have a reading in OP-COM of incorrect value? and the EGR position is saying 0.7 %?. I have also cleaned the EGR channels (they was well blocked). So i purchased a used manifold and changed the actuator unit and solenoid,cleared the fault code took it for a test drive with OP-COM recording and came back with the fault code again ,checked the measuring blocks and voltage at port solenoid stayed at 0.01. So i then tried the output test option for the port deactivation (had a friend start the test), while i watched the port actuator under the bonnet the revs increased and the actuator arm operated correctly. I Know i got low voltage at the solenoid which suggests either a broken wire or a drain somewhere, but how can the actuator work under the output test but won't when the car is driving?. I know i got vacuum because when changing the sensor after removing the pipes i get the vacuum escape (air) i have also checked the fuses. Electrics in modern cars is something that confuses me ,but my thinking is the problem is electrical and what i'm struggling with is the ECU sends the signal to the actuator sensor, BUT and i'm assuming it's the electronic accelerator that sends a signal to the ECU to demand it opens both ports hence the signal gets sent to the port valve actuator to open the flaps. So with that in mind could i have a drain between the ECU and the port actuator , and if so how would i check it?. Also is there a way i could watch the voltage increase (if any) in OP-COM WHILE doing the output test? , if i can check the voltage while under test i should be able to rule out a faulty sensor and then move onto the broken wire/drain. Has you can see i have been working on this for a while now and i'm at a point where it goes beyond my electrical abilities so any help or any thing else i can try to solve this would be appreciated Thank you in advance Regards Gary
  3. Hi there i'm a newbie here and really need some advice on which OPcom to buy i have looked on a well known auction site and there are so many to pick from, with some claiming to have the latest software ,but looking at these i see so many different versions of software anywhere from v1.39 upto v1.99 i have even seen somewhere that v1.99 is fake.Has you can see to a newbie this is confusing and i have been umming and ahhhhring for the last week or so has to which is the better way to go. I'm not even sure what interface i will need the zafira i have is a petrol 1.6 on a 09 plate and from the logbook its running a Z16XEP engine. Although i'm a newbie i do have a fair bit of experience with zafiras having owned two type A zafiras in the past and servicing them myself ,but this is my first type B and i'm a bit like a rabbit in headlights i know i can service it but anything electrical i would need a reliable OPcom unit to use. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance regards Gary
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