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    Zafira b 1.7 cdti 2011
  1. hmm this would explain why it starts and then stalls, I assumed the hole in the DPF was messing it up, I was going to see where I was at once that had been fixed, thank you for the info, do you still think it could be the ecu?
  2. Hi Andy, thank you for the reply, no I haven’t sorted out my car yet. I also had corrosion on the DPF which I’ve just replaced but the last person who fitted the DPF cross threaded one of the exhaust sensors which broke, one thing after another lol, I was already thinking the ecu probably needs replacing, would you mind sending me the link to the info with the error code relating to water ingress in the ecu, to be honest I’m a little nervous about programming an ecu with opcom.
  3. Hi, do you have an obd reader? I would clear all error codes and start the car and then run another scan for error code’s and see what pops up, some of the codes could be old and not relevant now.
  4. Hi all, I need some advice if possible, my zafira b had water ingress in the fuse box, I have replaced this with a new one, but now the car starts without me turning the key to engage the starter motor, the starter motor went so I have replaced this as well. I have also replaced the ignition housing. The persistent error code I get P1625-63, I was thinking a bad ground to the ECU, has anyone got any ideas?
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