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  1. Thanks for that will change it any eway to be safe I think it will cure it as got it warmed up and it was ok with oil hot
  2. Thanks for that it’s going to get full service hopefully have it sorted Andy
  3. Today while out the oil light started flickering. On tick over it goes out as you pull away it starts flickering but at 30 plus it goes out if you increase speed it flickers untill you stop wanting more power it then goes out level perfect wondered if it could be filter blockage ,is there an oil pressure release valve , or my worst fear the oil pump only had the car 8days so don’t know when last service was it’s a one owner from new and looking on gov site anything it has needed at mot was replaced straight away so doubt serving was missed
  4. Hi returning after a break was a member with a Vectra ST0023 when that departed to the vauxhall heaven I went with an Audi but had to return to Vauxhall bought a 2003 Zafira 1600 petrol 12mths ticket and one owner car well happy with it but still mis my St
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