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    Liverpool uk
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    Looking Carlton Diplomat 1993 ,H1 GMS
  1. My first car . V 10 reg FOC 520 and I was 6 years old .Remember getting to 40 mpg . Many more V cars . There's a list somewhere . Velox Magnum Crests . Carlton . Hope someone ends up with this Diplomat. Report back. H1 GMS NEEDS FNS wing paint job and no doubt welding . Look at MOT history for an idea . Nice colour green met.
  2. Testing message Good home needed for H1gms
  3. Diplomat complete car prob for sale Left in private car park .needs NS f wing . Rest good . Bad Laquer peel . Met green black leather . Have made enquiries re buying . MOT history not bad but corrosion problems no doubt . Well worth saving . See reg H1 GMS DVLA MOT history . Trying to contact contact!
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