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  1. Ps if anyone wishes to see a video I made on the Grandland X I'll leave the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx9ip7SAsaY
  2. Hey everyone, I recently got the keys to the Grandland X, I am quite impressed with it ( I would personally prefer the petrol as I found the diesel a little gruff, my dad has a petrol SRI Insignia and that was smooth!) I liked the space it provided and the controls were easy to use. I was wondering what people think of it? (I can't see many threads on the car on here) Ps apologies if the pic is not of the best quality (I have tried to compress it to allow it to be uploaded)
  3. Wow very nice car, looks in great condition considering age!! I used to have a 1986 318i and the rust on that was hellish!!
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