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    Signum Elite 3.0 v6 2003
  1. Hi I have for sale a 2003 vauxhall signum 3.0 v6 cdti (y30dt) This car will be sold as spares or repairs, it has a problem with the clutch. Pedal goes to the floor and doesn't come back up. Its a fully loaded Elite that also has the fridge in the rear which is removable to make it into a 5 seater. I have had this car about 8 years and its never missed a beat, always started and got me where i need to be. I have spent around 2k on this car in the last 2 years, just over a year ago, it had a brand new egr valve, 3 piece clutch and a fly wheel, amongst a few
  2. Hi Everyone, im new to the forum, bit late really as i have only just realised it existed, and its time to sell my motor and a friend suggested i try here first. Cheers peeps
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