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  1. Actually having looked around it seems tge only option is to replace with a Sony or Panasonic etc head unit.
  2. Hi I have a 2004 face-lift Agila. It has a CD30 radio.Does anyone know if a CD30 mp3 would work in it. I dobr want yo replace with other head units, want it to look stock but adding aux/usb for phone or memory stick
  3. Hi when you move the Meriva B rear middle seat out of the way and move the outer seats in you have a gap between the backrests. Whilst I could put a black piece of board there, I wondered if anyone knew of a better looking solution. I can't find a bespoke solution on ebay etc. Thanks
  4. Many thanks for that. I'll bear in mind for when and if more bulbs blow. Cheers.
  5. Many thanks. I took panel out and didn't see anything unusual. So ill just put up with a dark fuel gauge for now (the finger still glows red so shouldn't run out of diesel!).
  6. Hi has anyone had dashboard (eg fuel gauge) leds go? I know the astra j has led behind the guages and are not easily replaced. I have a meriva b which has the same dashboard guages and lights as the astra j. Has anyone had dashboard "bulbs' replaced? I asked on the meriva chat but no responses there. Cheers.
  7. Have found out the bulbs are built in LED and not easy to change. As Astra J.
  8. I the fuel gauge bulb has gone on my meriva b. A search on ebay doesn't give any specific results for meriva b dash bulbs. Anyone know what type of bulbs I should get and is reasonably easy to remove guages to replace bulbs? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks Andy, I hot it done for peace of mind.
  10. Hi I've just acquired a 62 plate meriva with 76,000 miles. Its a 1.7 diesel and no service history. Anyone know when timing belt should be checked/changed?
  11. Hi need to replace the passenger side headlamp on a 2004 Agila. I know the radiator grill and front facia has to be removed to get to all 4 headlamp bolts but dont know how easy it is. I've seen the clips on top of radiator grill, but know there are more hidden screws or clips. Are these reusable or sacrificial? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello just joined as was given a 2004 Agila with 67000 miles. I am aware that it is seen as an old person's car, and I'm only 56, but the person who gave it to us is in her 80's and it is in great condition I just need to replace a cracked headlamp. Unfortunately that means removing the front facial not sure how involved that is! I'll request advice in the appropriate section  of the forum!

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