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    Agila 2004
  1. Hi need to replace the passenger side headlamp on a 2004 Agila. I know the radiator grill and front facia has to be removed to get to all 4 headlamp bolts but dont know how easy it is. I've seen the clips on top of radiator grill, but know there are more hidden screws or clips. Are these reusable or sacrificial? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello just joined as was given a 2004 Agila with 67000 miles. I am aware that it is seen as an old person's car, and I'm only 56, but the person who gave it to us is in her 80's and it is in great condition I just need to replace a cracked headlamp. Unfortunately that means removing the front facial not sure how involved that is! I'll request advice in the appropriate section  of the forum!

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