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  1. Hi again, removed the crank pulley today, removed 4x 12mm bolts , unfortunately no balancer just solid metal, check all pulleys and timing belt all fine, what i am wondering if it could be the o/s driveshaft , just by the sound of the problem and when and how it happens, so going to remove it tomorrow for inspection
  2. Is there anyway i can send you a video with the sound in it? To big to upload on this
  3. Il see if i can source the parts and replace them and il get back to you hopefully by the weekend thanks for now
  4. I removed the serpentine belt , checked for play in pulleys drove the car with no belt, and never heard any sound, however it never does it on que anyway, built car back up but sound has came back, after driving car for a bit the sound has returned and have noticed it quietens down when depressing the clutch, but dont want to say flywheel as when clutch is depressed its also taking the load off the engine. So still stuck at moment, I am tempted to jack front wheels off ground and secure it so I can drive it in place so i can pin point what it is
  5. Ill start by taking belt off and having a look for any odd moving pulleys and sound changes and ill get back to you, I dont think its the flywheel as sound continues when clutch being depressed and pumped with no change in sound Ill get cracking on with it today thanks for now
  6. Hi all, needing a bit help and advice here before i start pulling engine to bits, I have a 2013 astra sports tourer 1.7 im sure its a a17dts, when driving then come of throttle whist car still moving the car starts making a rattle noise, give it some throttle its stops come off it again it starts again, now to me im hopping its a pulley or something but just wondering if anyone else has had issues like mine, I know the engine is quite loud anyway but this doesn’t sound natural