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  1. Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to copy this thread to the appropriate sub section for the vehicle please as it may illicit more replies? Of course, quality of tyre and price is a consideration and we would not knowingly opt for cheapies. Acceptable brands available on line, namely Hancook or Bridgestone, appear to be within his price bracket taking into account that he will need to buy four of them. We are concerned as to whether the larger diameter of the wheel plus tyre ( diameter about 94 mms more I think) will foul anything. There is also the affect the larger rolling circumference of the tyre ( about 283 mms more I think ) will have on the speedometer reading. It will read considerably slower due to the greater rolling circumference and the lower revolutions of the wheels over any given distance. If my knowledge and maths is correct the speedo. would read about 15% slow which is not good and in fact illegal. Is it possible at a sensible cost to recalibrate the speedometer if the larger tyres are fitted?
  2. He’s had a couple of Astras in the past and lately a Kia but he always seems to kill them with an untraceable electrical/sensor type fault. The Insignia he now has is fitted with 19” “Atomic” wheels which he admits was something that attracted him to it. Unfortunately the wheels are fitted with 235/35 ZR summer tyres which are about worn out. Neither him or I are fans of low profile tyres. I convinced him a while ago that All Season tyres are a better option by fitting them to his first Astra. He wants to fit a higher profile tyre to his “Atomic” wheels, (subject to cost). I’ve suggested 235/50 or 235/55, neither of which can be classed as cheap, but some brands are not too expensive. (between £114 and £140 each). Does anyone have any opinions or experience regarding fitting the higher profile tyres?