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  1. I have 3 Vauxhall Carlton alloy wheels very good condition with locking centre hub caps and keys, the forth wheel is missing. Also a pair of rear tail lights going free to anyone who wants to collect from my garage in Norwich Norfolk. Stephen 07500045457. I had placed an advert on parts for sale a year ago there's images of the wheels on that advert
  2. I have 3 vauxhall Carlton Diplomat alloy wheels with locking centre hub caps, they're in very good condition as well as a pair of rear Carlton tail lights from a 1991 Vauxhall Carlton. These are offered free to anyone who wants to collect from Norwich Norfolk but will be disposed of by end of March if no one requires them. Steve . Tel 07500045457
  3. I have 3 alloy wheels in my garage from a 1991 Vauxhall Carlton diplomat. These I acquired a few years back when I had a Diplomat, these wheels were from another Diplomat being broken for spares.I believe the forth wheel was very badly damaged in an accident which is why the doner car was being broken . I no longer have my lovely old Diplomat and the wheels have just been collecting dust in my garage... They come complete with the locking hubs as well as a forth hub and the lock key.. All wheels are in very reasonable but not perfect condition, each has a few kerb scrapes on the outer mo
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