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  1. Hi there,exactly what I did and they have heard of This as a solution to the 2.0 litre engine issue insignias are known for .... my worry was originally a plate on the front of the engine which had been sealed on but from what I’m told this is normal due there being very little pressure behind it when the engine is fully running..... will give this a go and see how it goes cheers
  2. Hi all, just wanted some advice my 2.0 cdti (160hp) insignia recently decided to give up the go due to the dreaded no oil pressure warning sign resulting in complete seizure of engine. To cut a long story short I recently purchased a recon engine for this from an engine specialists up north, however after the engine arriving to my mechanic we noticed that the engine they sent was the block of an old vectra 1.9cdti, which has now been modified with all the parts and insides to bring the spec up to a 2.0 litre cdti engine which is same as the one that’s in my car currently. There are a couple o
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