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  1. Yeah I was having this a few months ago, change your gearbox oil and you should be sweet
  2. Thank you, been trying my best not to make it look like other custom ones! Haha, I see you're from Dorset, I grew up there!
  3. Already had to tinted windows and a sunstrip. I've add headlight eyelids, swapped the bulbs out for whiter ones, honeycomb grill, made my own custom honeycomb grill foglight air intakes, custom chrome lower centre grill/hole. Universal rubber splitter, removed rear wiper, upgraded air intake, and chip tuned. Think that's it so far, lots on the way!
  4. Where to start haha, here's what it looked like when I bought it
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Jack, I'm from central Scotland and I have a custom 2011 Vauxhall insignia cdti ecoflex 160, got a few mods and have it chip tuned to roughly 210bhp 440nm torque. I'm a member of the insignia owners club but I'm also a fan of Vauxhall in general so I thought I would come here too