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    Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
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    Omega CD 3.0 Turbo - 92/93
  1. Luiz Vivas

    Hello from Brazil

    Good to be here. Thanks.
  2. Luiz Vivas

    Hello from Brazil

    In Europe the E85 much more expensive than gasoline? Ethanol engine is more powerful and pollutes less. Here, the E100 liter costs 40% cheaper than gasoline on average.
  3. Luiz Vivas

    Hello from Brazil

    Thanks. The sports exhaust of this car produces a very beautiful sound, but it is not too noisy. I forgot to mention the size of the turbine: 50/63. In the state and city where I live, we have many streets and roads built on steep hills, so I chose a relatively small engine turbo; torque at 1 bar of pressure increased from 23.5 to 45 kgf. Here we can supply 100% Ethanol, but unfortunately we are prohibited from having new diesel cars like you. Diesel engine in Brazil, only for pickup trucks, buses and trucks.
  4. Luiz Vivas

    Hello from Brazil

    Hello everyone, I have this Chevrolet Omega CD 3.0 for 15 years. It is the car I have always dreamed of and I intend to continue with it until I die. This year I made another wish and the C30NE received a turbocharger, Holset, model HX-35. I hope to learn a lot from you. Sorry for the Google Translate, kkkkkkk. Luiz Vivas Omega CD 3.0 Turbo - 300 HP Ethanol - Programmable Injection Pandoo Pro Inject Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil