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  1. In Europe the E85 much more expensive than gasoline? Ethanol engine is more powerful and pollutes less. Here, the E100 liter costs 40% cheaper than gasoline on average.
  2. Thanks. The sports exhaust of this car produces a very beautiful sound, but it is not too noisy. I forgot to mention the size of the turbine: 50/63. In the state and city where I live, we have many streets and roads built on steep hills, so I chose a relatively small engine turbo; torque at 1 bar of pressure increased from 23.5 to 45 kgf. Here we can supply 100% Ethanol, but unfortunately we are prohibited from having new diesel cars like you. Diesel engine in Brazil, only for pickup trucks, buses and trucks.
  3. Hello everyone, I have this Chevrolet Omega CD 3.0 for 15 years. It is the car I have always dreamed of and I intend to continue with it until I die. This year I made another wish and the C30NE received a turbocharger, Holset, model HX-35. I hope to learn a lot from you. Sorry for the Google Translate, kkkkkkk. Luiz Vivas Omega CD 3.0 Turbo - 300 HP Ethanol - Programmable Injection Pandoo Pro Inject Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil