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  1. Gav

    newbie from swindon

    Welcome mate. Whats your plans?
  2. Gav

    New boy w/ problem

    Hi mate welcome to the club. Have you tries ebay?
  3. Gav


    Welcome to the club mate.
  4. Gav


    Welcome dude
  5. Gav


    Welcome to the club mate
  6. Gav

    pic upload

    Do it via Photobucket dude
  7. Welcome to the forum dude
  8. Gav

    newbie from stockport

    Looking good mate, welcome to the club
  9. Gav

    new corsa

    Welcome to VOC mate Get some pics up :D
  10. Gav

    hello all

    Well, as you can see were still pretty new and quiet. I tried to arrange a meet on our Facebook fan page with no success. I'd love to get one sorted though, even if it was just a few of us.
  11. Gav

    hello all

    Just noticed your from Telford too. Just down the road, Im from Walsall
  12. Gav

    hello all

    Now thats low. Air or coilovers? Welcome to the forum mate.
  13. Gav

    next meet??????

    Check this out mate
  14. Gav

    new to site

    Second person today that has asked, good stuff Im trying to set this up
  15. Gav

    brake warning light

    Not 100% on the Vectra. But if Vectras have them, was the brake wear sensor changed at the same time?