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    Astra Estate 1.7tdci 2006
  1. Old battery performed better than new one;then same problem.maybe BOTH battery's are DUFF.Will update again once problem is (hopefully) sorted out!!
  2. Thank You for your help.....The "new" battery is an EXIDE PREMIUM 72V.The "old" battery is a Varta 60V,there is the possibility that the new battery is a duff one,so I will refit the old one and see how I get on with the old battery/new alternator combo....The lad from the garage said the new alt. was fine............................................I will update to let folks know how I get on..Cheers.
  3. Astra 1.7tdci (56 estate) Help please--------replaced alternator and battery with new ----------carried out earthing test (earth strap from battery negative to engine)---alternator not charging battery----having to charge battery up on each journey and I take the old (turns out good ) battery with me to get home--------------PLEASE HELP