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    Vauxhall Frontera Olympus Dti 2.2
  1. Hi We bought Vauxhall Frontera Olympus Dti 2003. I have tried to buy parts but not bern able as they don't make Frontera anymore. We live in Norfolk. Where can we buy any parts?
  2. Hi We recently bought a Vauxhall Frontera Olympus Dti 2003. We live in Norfolk and want to know where do we get parts for the Frontera? Vauxhall we have tried but they don't have what we want.
  3. Hi We bought a Frontera Olympus Dti 2.2. Year 2003. We cannot find any manuals to help us learn about the Frontera. Also, we are finding it difficult to obtain; Number plate lights holders × 2. Fog lights. Many thanks inadvance