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  1. Thankyou. Been buying, returning and buying again various male and female torx tools for the job combined with enough internet surfing to last me a lifetime! Finally worked out its the return pulley for A/C unit which bolts onto engine block. Been chatting to main dealer parts dept and sent pic to confirm. So if thats confirmed by him tomorrow ill be asking if i can just get the shorter belt and bypass the ac system as it dosent work anyway. If i can itll make my life alot easier and the vans life will be saved 😊. Van was only meant to last until end of summer (end of mot) as im afraid it gets hard used on forestry tracks etc as well as long distance drives around scotland looking for glow worms but ive gotten really fond of it as its been so reliable and cheap to run so hoping i can get a bit longer with it.
  2. Hi. Just joined here. Bought a 2000 2l Astra van sportive few months to use to do invertebrate surveys across Scotland. Love this old van! Done 6000 miles never put a foot wrong in 4 months. Yesterday the drive belt came off due to what im guessing is a broken down bearing on one of the pulleys. But cant work out which pulley it is ie is it an idler or the tensioner. Cant seem to upload a pic but its the pulley/wheel nearest to radiator with a ribbed surface not seemingly attached to anything auxillary wise. Or if anyone knows a link to a drive belt diagram for this model? Pretty please as im dreading the OH says it has to go to the great crusher 😢