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  2. You will need to reduce the size of the photos so it using a phone you can alter the settings for picture quality to reduce size
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  4. Well thats good news, onto the next suspect parts. Let us know how you get on with it
  5. Great result Andy....and I knew it would sit higher, always looks better once they're replaced
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  7. Hi Has anyone fitted a zunsport front and lower grill to a vectra c at all please ?? Thanks
  8. Hi Dylan.....welcome to the Forum That is a very odd fault and not one I have encountered before. Due to the dangerous element to this fault I would be tempted to take it into a local independent garage for them to diagnose it. Could also be an injector fault but worth getting it diagnosed to make sure it doesn't become a 'run away diesel' engine.
  9. Hi.....welcome to the Forum You are welcome to place an advert in this forum but not sure there are that many members passing through enough to see the advert so maybe AutoTrader or similar would get a quick sale
  10. Hi....welcome to the Forum Sounds like a transmission bearing or worn gears if its only noisy when in 2nd gear. Would either live with it and wait until it spreads to other gears or look at costly replacement.
  11. Thanks for that, when u hv mo quick 'how to' get to 'for sale' thanks, Andrew
  12. Hi Richard....welcome to the Forum Good luck with the sale, I don't think it will be too long before someone snaps it up
  13. 13 MONTHS MOT .Vauxhall Omega 03 Plate Silver.. immaculate condition . This car is in excellent condition for its age. Bought it last October from a garage and the guy before me had it for 13 years and it was very well looked after. Am only selling as I no longer need a big car and have just bought a Mini Cooper. So I need this gone. 118000 Miles Low mileage for its year. Automatic, Alloys, Heated Seats, Full Electrics. Cd and Bluetooth Stereo. 13 Months Mot...I have all the paper work and comes with 2 Keys. £999 ono Photos on request. Welcome to come View. Fantastic a lot of Car for the money. 07794 686 689
  14. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear that its potential head gasket failure. There are however 3 ways the head gasket can fail 1. mixing oil into the coolant and vice versa (noticable by mixed oil and water which is like mayonaise) 2. Coolant or oil leaking externally 3. Gasket failing between cylinders and / or introducing coolant into the cylinder(s) Hope you get it sorted at a good price but bear in mind the cylinder head may need skimming which is an extra cost Also, a common fault is injector sleeves which have coolant behind them corrode through and allow coolant into the combustion chambers which is then burnt and you'll see an increase in temperature and steam from the exhaust. If these need to be replaced then it is a head off job
  15. If an ignition coil needs replacing then it is a good idea to replace the plug at the same time. Usually, coils fail if the plug gap is too large and / or overtightened which will increase the gap. The coil has to work harder and fails sooner
  16. I have now moved it over to the correct section. Clearance and speedo error would have to be factored into the whole arrangement but please keep us in the loop as always nice to know if something works.
  17. Hi Steve.....welcome to the Forum It sounds like the switch could be faulty or a connection leading to the switch. It may be worth lining a replacement up at the right price and changing it over.
  18. Hi....welcome to the Forum It looks like the auxiliary drive belt has been changed from looking at the picture. I would let them do what they have to do but do not accept it back if there is a diesel sound to the engine as this would suggest something is blowing and not connected back properly. There is no conversion to a belt from a chain that I know of. Good luck and keep us updated on the progress
  19. Feel free to jump in if you think you can answer any posts Jim, thanks
  20. Many thanks for the help, I will now look into this, cheers.
  21. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I believe this may be a common fault Worth doing a search on the system fitted to your car and see what the results are
  22. Hi....welcome to the Forum It does sound like a Crank sensor issue. There could also be a cam sensor but a scan should give you fault codes. If a code is present for a cam sensor then the cambelt might be slack causing the code to flag up.
  23. Hi Dan....welcome to the Forum That's a varied collection of cars you've owned over the years, personally I was a big fan of the mk3 Rover 200 🙂 Hope you enjoy your time with the Astra and good to have you onboard
  24. Hi...welcome to the Forum It's a difficult one because without drilling holes in the door and bulkhead which is not advisable at all then it will be difficult to introduce any further wires into the existing loom. Lets hope someone can come up with an alternative solution
  25. Hi Mike....welcome to the Forum There should be a default for the brake to come on automatically when the power is cut and the vehicle is stationary. It would worth visiting the dealership to ask them and if they need to make a default to the system.
  26. Hi Antonio.....welcome to the Forum What appears to be the problem with the ignition barrel?
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