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Fault Finding Pedal Test & Link to Error Codes

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After a search through the Forum I could not find any information on the above title.

So, Here they are.





Fault Codes are usually found by a mechanic checking the Engine Management System with a machine that plugs into the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which is usually situated under the dashboard.   These Machines are called Op Coms or in Vauxhall's case Vaux Coms, cheap Chinese Clones can be purchased and some may even allow you to "programme" certain things, but most are OK for searching and finding Fault Codes.

Fault Codes can also be found on almost all cars built on or after 2000 by using "The Pedal Test Method"    ::     To do this you need to Press both the Accelerator and Brake pedals down to the floor then turn ignition on until the lights come on but not as far as to start the engine..........then where your mileage shows up it should flash up "ECN" and then a series of  numbers that are your fault codes, several codes can come up quickly after one another so it is a good idea to have a pen and paper ready.  If nothing appears then you either have no faults or the test hasn't worked, but it usually does work on most cars.

Now you will need to know what the codes mean, here is a full and comprehensive list of the Fault Codes (the vast majority of these codes apply to most other cars as well as Vauxhalls.

When checking your codes from the "Pedal Test" ignore the "P" on the Fault Code list and use only the first four digits reading from the left, if the code brought up is only 3 digits then add a 0 to the front of the code.

Here is a Link to a Full and Comprehensive List of the Fault Codes (Almost 1900 of them)

(1) Vauxhall Fault Finding For Free | Digitalworldz


Oh, and a Big Thank You to Trevor on Admin for suggesting the link when I was unable to upload the Fault Codes.






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