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L Reg 1993 Corsa 1.4 with only 16,493 miles

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L Reg 1993 Corsa 1.4 with only 16,493 miles   Totally standard including original radio/tape deck!    It only has 11,331 on the speedo but that was replaced by Vauxhall at 5,162 so total mileage is 16,493. The car has a full service history but has been garaged for the last 10+ years. It's probably still on the original tyres and air, but don't quote me on that although I can't find anything to indicate that they have been changed.

It is does have the odd mark/stone chip but it is completely standard and as near to immaculate as it's possible to be.  Note the wheel trims fitted are not original, the original ones are in the boot but have been scraped against a curb at some point. 

The car was my mother's from new but was registered to myself 10 years ago so that I could insure it to move it (all the mileage excluding 40ish miles were by my mother).

Unfortunately due to moving I need to finding a new home for it.  OK it's not currently a real 'classic' but if someone is able to look after it/store it, then it's a very rare thing (age/condition/mileage) and will only appreciate.

I have absolutely no idea what it is worth or where to advertise it  so thought I would add to your forum in the hope that someone might be able to help me out. 

Many thanks Keith 😊 


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